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Umberto Eco and Asterix in Europe

Umberto Eco, a well-known Italian philosopher, writer and semiotician, had a great fascination for comic books - particularly Asterix. In fact, he praised the comic's ability to tell stories and transmit cultural values. In his essay "Reflections on the Comics," Eco states that "the comic strip is an instrument of communication, a language in which orality and writing, image and speech, mix."

Asterix, a series of French comic books that first appeared in 1959, centers around the adventures of a small Gallic village as they resist Roman occupation. The comics have always been praised for their witty humor and cultural references. Eco once said that Asterix was "perhaps the most intelligent and incisive commentary on contemporary Europe."

The cultural references in Asterix are vast and varied. From the depiction of the Romans as power-hungry bureaucrats to the portrayal of the Germanic tribes as beer-loving barbarians, the comic covers a wide range of historical and cultural themes. Eco notes that these references go beyond mere entertainment value and serve as a way to teach readers about the history and culture of Europe.

Eco's praise for Asterix extends beyond its cultural references. He also admires the comic's ability to break down language barriers. The comic has been translated into over 100 languages, allowing readers around the world to enjoy the adventures of Asterix and his friends. In an increasingly globalized world, this ability to communicate across language barriers is becoming increasingly important.

In conclusion, Umberto Eco's appreciation for Asterix serves as a reminder of the power that comic books hold. They are not just entertainment, but a means of communication and cultural transmission. Asterix, in particular, has the ability to bring people together and teach them about the history and culture of Europe. It is no wonder that Eco held this comic in such high regard.

This article was written based on the following source: umbertoeco.ru/umberto-eko-asteriks-evropeec/feed.